"GNI Nepal has been organizing advocacy activities depending on local social issues to raise awareness of community members and encourage them particularly, women and children to participate in all aspects of development process concerning them."

Awareness of rights and socioeconomic potentialities is essential for community members to perform well in all aspects of life and participate meaningfully in community development activities. The majority of poor, marginalized and disadvantaged populations have not been able to exercise their rights.

GNI Nepal has always been mindful of the positive changes that advocacy can bring in addressing existing discrimination and disparity in the communities. Across every sector, local level advocacy ultimately strengthens national level advocacy. We focus on organizing campaigns against the prevailing discriminations in the communities for building awareness of specific issues and gradually empower girls, boys, women and men aware so that they act as effective agents of change in the communities.

Grassroots level advocacy helps to raise awareness of social issues such as human rights, child rights, women rights, gender equity, sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, disaster risk reduction, climate change, etc. Therefore, need based campaigns, street dramas, trainings, and orientations have been organized to raise awareness of people of existing local issues.

As a result of different advocacy related activities that we helped organize in our project districts, for example, participation of women has increased in different committees and activities at the local level. Women have also started to speak up about women rights, gender discrimination, and community development as well.

Our approaches in advocacy;

Evidence building: Build up an evidence base on existing capacity, gaps in services and key issues related to child well-being in all operating areas.

Empowerment: Organize local level advocacy to bring about change and hold duty bearers accountable for the well-being of children.

The key objective of our advocacy program is to raise awareness of community members as regards to social issues and rights; and encourage them, particularly women and children to participate in all aspects of development process concerning them.


  • Human/Child/Women Right related training/workshop provided to 26,027 community members.
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation training provided to 1,000 community members.
  • Students and community people planted 7,913 trees in their locality.
  • Awareness on HIV/AIDS was provided to 1,111 community members.
  • Gender related training provided to 1,659 women.
  • Sanitation campaign was provided to 6,466 community members.
  • The food security campaign was provided to 6,412 farmers.
  • Gurja VDC of Myagdi district was declared as “No school-age children remaining out of school”

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