Sponsorship Service

GNI Nepal started sponsorship service, its flagship program, in 2009. This program particularly focuses on students that belong to disadvantaged, indigenous, and marginalized communities. Our one-to-one sponsorship service mechanism links poorest of the poor children to a sponsor so that they can receive support for fulfilling their basic needs, enhancing their overall quality of life as well as development of the community they live in.
Poor students are identified and enrolled in the sponsorship program so that they receive a quality education and better health/WASH services and their parents receive income generation/livelihood support. The program focuses on the education, psycho-emotional and spiritual well-being, and protection from abuse/violence/exploitation of the children along with enabling their families and communities to improve their health status and secure sustainable livelihoods.

Currently, we have 25,274 sponsored children in 13 project districts. We are committed to fulfilling the basic needs of our sponsored children, their family, and community.


  • To identify the poorest of the poor students from different communities and enroll them in the Sponsorship Service Program
  • To provide information about sponsored child to his/her sponsor periodically or as per the need
  • To provide support received from the sponsor to sponsored children, their family and community

Criteria for selection of sponsored children are as follows;

  • Orphans
  • Single parent
  • Dalit
  • Poorest of the poor
  • Dropped out/ left behind
  • 3-12 years old
  • Marginalized children

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