Tiny Tots Learn Quicker

Ward No. 7, Soru Rural Municipality and Ward No. 10, Khatyad Rural Municipality

Mugu District

In a human, most habits are formed in early stages of life. An early childhood education development center (ECED) is a foundational learning space for young children starting out on their educational journey.

On a need assessment survey, ECEDs of many sampled schools in Mugu were found lacking educational materials and equipment, and the buildings they were running in were also unfit for an ECED in many ways. No wonder, they mostly remained empty. Four such centers: Pashupati, Bijaya, Sarwodaya, and Saraswoti in Soru and Khatyad Rural Municipalities desperately awaited refurbishing.

Based on student numbers and size of the rooms, GNI Nepal provided these centers with 344 different playthings, nineteen round tables, eight racks, four shoe racks, four white boards, four door mats, thirty-two baskets, sixty-eight meters of carpet, 102 meters of p-form and 105 cushions in total.

At present, these ECED centers are operating in full swing. Facilitators of all four centers now have varieties of materials for teaching children in an engaging and fun manner and it has accelerated learning among the young pupils.

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