A Room to Read

Malikarjun Secondary School
Malikarjun Rural Municipality
Ward No. 3

Darchula District

Malikarjun Secondary School is a learning space for 442 students. Out of the total, 140 are GNI Nepal sponsored students (seventy boys and seventy girls). This school did not have a library where both students and teachers could find the books they wanted, read them there or take them home for comfortable and slow reading. Students had to purchase reference books out of their own pocket. Moreover, books would not be easily available in the area.

GNI Nepal provided the school with 987 books, two book racks, and teaching materials. 1500 books were received from the government. For the school, it was no small feat managing such a large number of books. Library management is a science in itself and it requires proper training. Therefore, all teachers with the school were trained on library management.

Now, the school boasts of a well-stocked, efficiently managed, and fully functional library and trained teachers take turns on the role of librarian. Students and teachers have a wide range of books to choose from. In 2018, the library issued books to 374 students. Almost all students at the school took at least one book home; it is indeed, a good beginning.

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