Bonded Labourer Turns Entrepreneur

I am Ratna Chaudhary (27 years) and live in Tikapur -8 Kailali. I have three children. We are ex-bonded labourers. After our liberation, the government gave us a small plot of land. The production from this land is not sufficient for us an entire year. Every year, my husband goes to India for fulfilling our basic needs and earning money.

I felt very happy after GNI identified our situation and offered sponsorship support to both of my children; Sanjit and Sanjita, who were in grade one and nursery then. Now, they are continuing their study. Additionally, GNI provided me an opportunity to be a member of the income generation group (Sangharsa Farmer Mother Group) formed by the project. I actively participated in saving and credit activities. I took a loan from the same group and bought 400 chicks for starting a poultry farm. GNI provided technical support (business plan orientation programme, training, coaching, counselling, mentoring and on-the-job training) to enhance my business in a systematic manner. Seeing a better business prospect, I borrowed a loan of forty-two thousand rupees from the GNI revolving fund and expanded my business. Now, I have two farms with 1,200 chicks, and I am making an average profit of thirty thousand rupees per month.

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