Built Back Better

Dhungegada Basic School, Gorkha Municipality, Ward No. 4

Sthanika Basic School,  Arughat Rural Municipality, Ward No. 5

Gorkha District

Gorkha, the epicenter of the Nepal Earthquake sustained the most devastating damage to its infrastructure. 495 school buildings (3092 classrooms) were completely damaged (District Education Office Gorkha, 2016). Students took classes in temporary learning centers for two years. South Korean students from eighteen different schools donated their pocket money for reconstructing Dhungegada and Sthanika Basic Schools and rebuilding the hopes of the  students like them.

School is a place where children not only study but their social, emotional, and physical development takes place. A school being child-friendly and safe is an absolute precondition. Good physical facilities mean safer infrastructures, appropriate classrooms, hygienic and child-friendly toilets, safe drinking water supply system, clean and green surroundings, and more. Permanent school buildings constructed at Dhungegada Basic School includes ten classrooms, and eight classrooms at Sthanika Basic School have all the aforementioned features including disabled-friendly facilities.

Both schools also boast of gender-friendly toilets with proper sanitation facilities and water supply system.  GNI Nepal helped both schools to set-up a computer lab, science lab, library, and SMART CLASSROOM. From the boundary gate to the inner rooms, the school looks completely new, better equipped and modern.

The Earthquake destroyed the physical side of these schools but also provided an opportunity to come together, build back better, and grow into model schools, thanks to the little South Korean donors.

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