From a Day Laborer to a Retailer

Lok Bahadur Budha, 32

Chhededaha Rural
Municipality, Ward No. 5
Bajura District

Budha lives with his family of four (wife and two sons). He is an active member of Silka Agriculture Group, established with GNI Nepal’s support. He used to be a traditional farmer but the production was not sufficient to feed his family round-the-year.

Budha never went to school due to poverty at home. At an early age he was forced to go to India and work as a day laborer. But the wage earned off a full day’s back-breaking labor was just about enough for his own survival: No money would be  left for sending back home.

One time, after Budha had returned from India, he got an opportunity to attend some training programs on entrepreneurship development and business planning. Now, he had clear idea of raising the money needed for starting a business. He received NRs. 63,000 as seed money from Asal Dogadi Agri-cooperative. Later, he also received incentive grant of NRs. 27,000 to start a retail shop. In just three months, he started making profits from the shop.

Now, Budha’s retail-shop has variety of items. He makes a profit of NRs. 60,000 annually. As an entrepreneur, he has finally managed to maintain and look after his family well, and lives happily.

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