Critical Treatment Support Gives Hope For A Better Future

I am Sunima Chaudhary, (9 years) live in Tikapur VDC, Kailali District. I am in the fifth grade. I was born and grew up in a bonded-labour family. My parents work as daily wage labourers and earn a small amount of money. There was no happiness in my life because I was suffering from rheumatic fever. I could not pay total attention to my studies. Due to the pain in the joints (hands and legs), I couldn’t do household chores or perform my daily task likes others. My poor parents did not have enough money for proper treatment of the disease. My parents were very much worried about my health and they had almost lost hope of treating me. As people say, God looks after everybody; we only need to wait. It turned out true when GNI provided support for the treatment. After the treatment, my health condition improved significantly, and I was able to go to school like a normal student.

Now, I can continue my studies. Not only that, I play with my friends and participate in extracurricular activities. I am very happy!  Thank you GNI for helping me! I will never forget you and your support. I really got a new life. I hope that I will be a successful person in the future. My dream is to serve poor people and make them happy.

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