It’s All In The Computers

Bhanodaya Secondary School, established in 1965, is located in Budhiganga Municipality, Bajura District. 566 girls and 453 boys of different ethnicities attend the school. Among them, 68 girls and 44 boys are GNI Nepal sponsored children since 2013.

There were five desktop computers at the school for administrative and official purposes, and some of them malfunctioned frequently. The school introduced computer science as a compulsory subject from grade six to eight without having a single computer. No wonder, the chapters meant to be practiced on a computer were explained only. Later, the school installed five computers from its own resources in the staffroom.

Nar Bahadur Katuwal, Chairperson, School Management Committee recalled,“ those five computers were used for administrative works and also for practical sessions for students. A few would get to sit at the computers while others just looked at them most of the times. It is natural that our kids were not interested in the computer subject.” To make matters worse, electricity supply was intermittent and the installed solar power system could not power the computers throughout the day.

The School with GNI Nepal’s support established a computer lab having fifteen brand new computers and a projector in 2017. Tables, chairs, and carpeting support were also provided. Students from grade 6-12 alternatively learn computer skills and watch audio-visual educational and awareness-raising materials. All classes, at the least, visit the lab thrice a week. Computer screen is projected on the wall so that all students in the lab can clearly get the instructions. The lab gets enough electricity from a local micro-hydro power plant built two years ago.

Mr. Manvir Khati, Headteacher, shared, “It is the era of computers. If a student does not have knowledge of and skilled with computers, then s/he can do nothing. Therefore, familiarity with computers is a must for our students. And, these fifteen computers are solely used for teaching-learning not for administrative or official purposes.”

The lab is also connected to the internet, the main attraction among the students. The school is planning to add e-library, 25 computers, and a skilled full-time computer teacher in the coming years and become a model school in information, communication, and technology aided education in the district.

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