Just The Way He Was

Lalit Dhami, 12, is one of the well-behaved and regular eighth-graders at Malikarjun Higher Secondary School in Darchula District. He lives with his grandmother, parents (Thepa and Bhupendra), and younger brother.

Lalit’s parents are subsistence farmers and grow maize, wheat, paddy, vegetables and keeps goats and cows. They lack a regular cash income and their combined monthly earning averages around NRs. 5300, almost all of which goes mostly towards buying groceries and clothes. The Dhami couple rarely has savings to spend on their children’s education, festivals, and in emergencies.

In 2013, Lalit was enrolled in GNI Nepal’s sponsorship service program, while he was in the fourth grade. His younger brother is also a GNI Nepal sponsored child.

In December of 2016, Lalit, while playing with friends, fell off a ladder and broke his left leg. Friends carried him home. Upon seeing him, Thepa fainted. Bhupendra borrowed money and took him to the district hospital where Lalit stayed for a week. Doctors there referred him to another better hospital in the city. Thepa and Bhupendra found themselves in a difficult situation as they did not have money.

Bhupendra sought GNI Nepal for financial help which is available to sponsored children under the critical treatment support.

Lalit was operated on at a Polyclinic in Dhangadhi, Kailai District and stayed in the post-operative ward for five days. After a month, he visited the hospital again for a follow-up. All of Lalit’s medical expenses, which amounted to NRs. 38,298, were paid by GNI Nepal.

After a hiatus of three months, Lalit rejoined school. During this time, he took bed rest and recovered completely. Now, he enjoys excellent health and helps his family with easy household chores and runs errands.  As conscious Lalit has become of taking care of his health, he is equally conscious of catching-up with his studies. Hence, he is studying hard and wants to become a doctor.

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