Laboratory for Increasing Quality of Science Education

Chaukhan Secondary School lies in Dipayal-Silgadhi Municipality, Doti District. 400 students attend the school, out of them, 191 are GNI Nepal sponsored children. Although the School was established 48 years ago and now falls under an urban-municipal administration, however, it started secondary education three years ago only.

A science lab which is considered a must for quality education was still missing in the school until 2016. For the want of lab oratory equipment, instruments and consumables, students had to forgo practical classes.

Principal, Navraj Saud, says, “Our school did not have science lab materials so teaching practical lessons was not possible. You know, science gets boring when you just lecture. From time to time, our science teachers would request me for science lab materials but we couldn’t buy them. And, the results of the science subject were also average”.

GNI Nepal provided the school with 87 instruments, consumables, and a steel rack for storing them. GNI Nepal supported Chatur Prasad Dhungana, the school science teacher to train on running a science laboratory. He says, “It has become easy for me to teach science subject as I got the training and laboratory. Students are interested in the experiments that I teach them. I am hopeful that our students will get good marks in the science subject in coming days.”

Keshav Saud, a class ten student shared, “I had never seen a microscope but now I use it almost always get to use it during the practical class. In the past, there was almost nothing in our science lab. These days, there are many things. Nowadays, we have theoretical and practical classes every alternate day. Practical class is interesting.”

The school has adopted different time-tables for lower and higher secondary levels. Both the principal and science teacher are committed to safe-keeping of the instruments and promoting teaching of science with experiments.


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