Nallu Declared an ODF VDC

Nallu, a scenic Village Development Committee (VDC) about 25 km far from Lagankhel Buspark lies in the southern part of Lalitpur District. There are 550 households in the VDC with a population of 2761 (1390 male and 1371 females). Tamangs make up the dominant ethnic group in the VDCs.

Lalitpur district was planned to be an open defecation free (ODF) district by the end of 2016. Under this broad goal, Nallu VDC was also planned to be declared an ODF VDC. Despite many earlier piecemeal efforts and a strong determination of Nallu V-WASH-CC for ODF declaration by 17th September 2016, a combination of factors prevented the VDC from being declared ODF. With support from D-WASH-CC Lalitpur, Nallu V-WASH-CC organized a workshop with participation of international non-governmental organizations (I/NGO) and CBOs working in the VDC in June 2016. The workshop gave the ODF declaration drive a fresh impetus. Many facilitators and staffs of I/NGOs were mobilized and toilets construction was intensified. To encourage families for constructing toilets, incentives, presents, and certificates were also arranged.

GNI Nepal supported the remaining 20 households (eight single women, two elderly, one orphan, and one differently-able headed and eight poor households) to construct a toilet. These families are living in temporary shelters as their houses got damaged in the Gorkha Earthquake. They are using their cracked mud-stone houses for cooking and storing domestic stuff.

These almost landless, livestock-raising, and daily wage earning families are just getting by. They needed a toilet direly but could not afford to build it. V-WASH-CC Nallu recommended GNI Nepal to support these families without a toilet. All of the twenty households were provided money for purchasing requisite cement, iron rod, and zinc sheet. Beneficiary households, by themselves, collected locally available materials like mud, stone, and wood. Toilet pan and pipe were provided by Nallu VDC Office.

Finally, in December 2016, Nallu was declared an ODF VDC in the presence of Mr. Shree Prasad Jawegu, Honorable Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development. The ODF status will be maintained under the ‘ODF Code of Conduct’ that has to be mandatorily followed by the residents of Nallu. Village Secretary and V-WASH-CC Nallu Coordinator Mr. Damodar Rijal specially thanked GNI Nepal for its contribution.

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