Nirmaladevi Finds Success In Goat Farming

Nirmala Devi Saud, is a resident of Ward No. 9, Pokhari VDC, bordering Achham and Doti District. She lives with her husband and four children. Hers is a typical rural Nepali family. Previously she was a traditional subsistence farmer and a small-time shopkeeper. Her husband worked as a laborer in the Middle East. Even the combined income was barely sufficient for fulfilling all of their needs.

She also raised a few goats along with other domestic animals. Locals including her were not aware of commercial animal husbandry. Youths migrated to foreign countries for employment. Community members were unknown to the fact that goat farming could be a steady and good source of income. They were not aware of from where they could get financial and technical help for starting a farm.

In 2012, a ward level livestock group was formed in all of the wards of the VDC and the group meeting was conducted every month. The meetings usually focused on commercial goat farming and its viability.  Interested farmers were selected from different groups. They asked to prepare and submit their business plan. A loan of RS 53,770 was made available through the cooperative, RS 35,846 was provided as a subsidy, and RS 59,746 was a personal investment.

Nirmala was also one of the farmers supported by GNI. She started with eight goats but currently she rears nineteen using modern methods and earns three thousand rupees per month. Now, she is a happy and confident woman, and a role model to other farmers in the VDC.

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