Community School Total Enrolment Campaign, A Great Success

Myagdi CDP started in 2013 with the objective of addressing various needs of children and communities of different VDCs in Myagdi district. Child-centered education is one of the major interventions of the CDP. It provides quality education to all school-age children. Gurja VDC is one of the remotest VDCs of Myagdi district. Many school-age children in this VDC were out of school due to poverty and lack of knowledge about the importance of education. Therefore, the CDP conducted assessment in the VDC to identify the exact number of school-age children not attending school, and 18 out of 296 school-age children were found not enrolled in the school.

The CDP organized door to door school enrolment campaign in close coordination with the District Education Office, District Development Committee, Village Development Committee and public schools of the community and shared the importance of education with parents and community members. After organising campaigns, all of the out-of-school children were enrolled in the school. The VDC was declared as “No school-age children remains out of school in Gurja VDC” on 09 May 2014. Altogether, 238 participants from District Education Office, VDC, DDC, Public Schools, local level political leaders, and communities participated in the program and parents made a commitment to send their children to school regularly. During the declaration program, community members shared that they understood the importance of education and will encourage neighbouring communities to send their school-age children to school regularly.

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