Reconstruction Begins in a Remote VDC in Gorkha

Gyanu Maya Gurung (68 years) is a resident of Aaruarbang VDC, Gorkha District. She is soft-spoken but speaks in a firm voice and always takes a strong stance on environment protection. “I am quite old”, she admits. Even at such a ripe age, she has started composing and reciting poetry. Her themes are varied but her poems always make it a point to raise awareness of environment protection in her own and other communities. Her mother always emphasized that the surroundings should be kept clean and she teaches the same values to whoever she comes across. Nowadays, whenever she meets a child who doesn’t take care of the environment, she asks him/her to change the attitude.

Reminiscing the devastating earthquake, she says, “it shook me and everything around violently. The houses crashed to the ground before my eyes. All of our belongings and household items were also lost. The only thought that came to my mind was, how do we get water to drink and food to eat.”

“GNI Nepal started reconstructing the drinking water system for our community. Initially, we couldn’t believe it as the work had begun quite early than we expected. Besides my home, I saw the reconstruction workers building a tap, and immediately I called the children, youths, and women to contribute to the community rebuilding rather than merely being spectators. My mother would always tell that working together gives positive results” she finishes with a smile.

Gyanu Maya is very happy to have a newly built tap near her home. She is also happy for the community as 43 households (175 people) and the primary schools located above the settlement have drinking water taps at a few meters distance.  The project was completed in November 2015.

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