Rural School Gets a Makeover

Lamsung Secondary School

Ward No. 2, Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality

Myagdi District


Lamsung Secondary School located in Lulang, Ward No. 2, Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality caters to more than 200 students belonging to Dalit and Janajati communities of which ninety are GNI Nepal sponsored children. The school receives general government subsidy and community contribution for running secondary level classes. All community contribution goes towards paying salary to additional teachers.

In 2016, GNI Nepal aided in refurbishing an early child education and development center, securing science lab materials, four computers, one printer, and constructing a school building. In 2017, we provided solar electric backup and child-friendly furniture.

We helped bring good changes to this remote school. These days, young kids play, learn, and grow in a well-furnished room having sufficient playing-learning materials; adolescent students learn the basics of computer science in a fully functional lab that runs on clean electricity; and around half of the total students are receiving support to continue their education.

At the core of all of our interventions is sustainability. Lamsung Secondary School administration, school management committee, and parents are well aware of this fact and they have expressed commitment for ensuring proper operation, utilization, upkeep, and expansion.

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