Shy Boy Turns Into a Leader

Darshan Badaila, 16

Purbichauki Rural Municipality

Ward No.7, Doti District

Darshan was a shy kid and an average student. Unlike other outspoken and articulate kids, he was quiet and remained at the periphery. He says, “We grow up and in the meantime, become confident in expressing ourselves. Time went by, but speaking in public was still my biggest fear, although, I wished it to go away. You know, I go to an ordinary public school where self-development opportunities are also almost nonexistent.”

In 2012, after Badaila was enrolled in our sponsorship service program, things took a turn for the better. He received education materials and other needed resources which helped him to progress in his studies including support for his overall self-development. Over time, he also attended skills development training events which boosted his confidence.

Darshan started to participate in various co-curricular activities organized at his school. Gradually, he made a lot of progress and grabbed first position in final exams and many co-curricular competitions.

Darshan, happily shared, “I’m very happy and proud that I got to attend the child club training. I am the chairperson of the child club at my school. I’ve been able to establish a very strong child network in Pokhari and, as a leader, conducted various sanitation activities at my school and community.”

He dreams of becoming an agricultural expert and lecturing at a technical school. Currently, he is focused on his studies and scoring good grades.

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