Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperative, Ladagada

Saemaul Zero Hunger Communities Project (SZHCP) is a holistic development approach of community development. It has been implementing in two VDCs (Ladagada and Pokhari) of Doti district with the objective of enhancing livelihood of community people and provides quality of life. Cooperative is one of the major interventions under income generation activities. Ladagada CDP has established a cooperative with 850 members. In order to enhance and improve knowledge and technology, Ladagada CDP organized exposure visit for 37 members of agricultural livestock, cooperatives and six staff members of GNN including one government representative from 21 to 25 December, 2014. This visit was organized to provide an opportunity to learn different income generating activities, modern farming and cooperative development in Salyan district. All participants were satisfied to participate in such kind of visit which enlightened them to replicate the lesson learned in their regular business.

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