Earthquake Updates

4th May, 2015

Good Neighbors was the first international NGO to send an emergency response team to the Gorkha district, the epicenter of the April 25th earthquake. On April 28th, we distributed our first round of emergency relief kits to a village called Phinam, making us the first NGO to provide relief in this area. Over the weekend, we completed our second and third rounds of distribution, providing assistance to a total of 1,146 families. Below is a recap of our relief efforts inside Gorkha during the critical first week following the earthquake.

On May 4th, Good Neighbors International sent an emergency medical team with a doctor, a nurse and an emergency medical technician from Wonju Severance Christian Hospital in South Korea. The team will be working at our mobile clinics inside Gorkha district. In order to ensure that they can begin assisting people as soon as they arrive in Nepal, we established a partnership with the Nepal government, who granted us permission to begin work immediately. We are also building base camps in Arkhet Bazar and Soti Khola where the medical team will be working.

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