Finam Health Post Reconstructed

Finam Health Post, located in Ward No. 4, Gorkha Municipality, which was destroyed in the Gorkha Earthquake, has been reconstructed at a total expense of 5.84 million rupees. Good Neighbors International (GNI) Nepal provided financial and technical support for the reconstruction.

The newly constructed health post building was jointly inaugurated by Rajan Raj Pantha, Mayor, Gorkha Municipality; Parnay Upadhya, Representative, Ministry of Health (MOH); and Min Ho Choi, Country Director of GNI Nepal 30th July 2017 and handed over to Khop Bahadur Adhakari, Chairperson, health facility operation management committee (HFOMC). Bina Kumari Shrestha, Vice Chairperson, Gorkha Municipality; Jeevan Ale Magar, Executive Officer; Nani Babu Dani, Representative, Public Health Office;  and Mr. Kishor Jung Thapa, Chairperson, Federation of Journalists, Gorkha Branch.

Min Ho Choi, Country Director of GNI Nepal noted, “We the members of the community and all stakeholders should be glad, as this health post building will provide a better working environment to the staff, which means better health care services to the patients”.

On the inauguration day itself, a baby was delivered in the health post. Sayiba Miya, a local resident gave birth to a healthy baby girl which also marked the commencement of health care services.

Community members present in the program expresses happiness as it would be easy for them to avail of health care services.

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