Training Sessions for Livelihood Enhancement Conducted in Kathmandu & Lalitpur

GNI Nepal supported to conduct six livelihood training sessions: One Income Generation Group  Account Management Training Session (12 IG groups and 22 Income Generation Group members), one Refresher Training Session on Goat raising (20 Income Generation Group members), two Compost Manure Management Training Session (43 Income Generation Group members), one Off Seasonal Vegetable Farming Training Session (31 farmers) in Kathmandu and Lalitpur districts in January.


These training sessions ranged from 1-5 days and aimed at capacitating the locals for enhancing their skills and knowledge in increasing agricultural productivity, animal husbandry, and smoothly conducting financial transactions. The training sessions were facilitated by experts of local government agencies and partners; District Agriculture Development Offices (Kathmandu & Lalitpur) and Lele Community Development Center (LCDC).

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