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Vegetable Farming Brings a J-Curve!

Burause Village

Ward No. 4, Simikot Rural Municipality

Humla District


In the remote Humla District, agricultural ventures often succumb to various environmental, social, and economic challenges but a case from Burause village where agriculture is their mainstay is an exception.

Chhapdan Lama, Gagan Singh Lama, Dasang Lama, and Tara Bahadur Lama were amazed to see their vegetable production double this year. They grow seasonal and off-seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, capsicums, cucumbers, pumpkins and dalle khursaani (habanero pepper) in greenhouses covering eight ropanis (1.1 acres) of land.

Since vegetables flown-in from the Terai towns of Nepalgunj and Surkhet sell at prohibitively high prices and cannot meet the local demand, Burause farmers can easily sell and get a good price at Simikot for their vegetables. In two years, these four hard-working Lamas have made more than NRs. 500,000 growing and selling in-demand vegetables locally. Their earnings cover household, festival, and social gathering expenses.


They have also changed their neighbors’ food habits and cooking practices. As these GNI Nepal supported four along with other farmers are growing a variety of  fresh vegetables, they and their families are able to have a better and balanced diet. Mothers serve freshly grown vegetables to their families and hotels to customers.

Besides earning a livelihood, these ‘Lamas’ are proud farmers, as they have been able to produce vegetables in an alpine climate and wind beaten barren hills.

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