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Farmers in Gorkha Receive Cardamom Cultivation Training and Saplings

A three-day cardamom cultivation training program was conducted in Ward No. 2, Manbu, Aarughat Rural Municipality from 6-8 August, other two training programs were held in Ward No. 1, Manbu, Aarughat Municipality from 9 -11 August and 12 -14 August in Ward No. 7, Darchhe Rural Municipality in Gorkha District. 25 local farmers participated in each training program. Among the 75 farmers, 55 are male and 25 are female.

The programs were facilitated by a local cardamom grower from Abirkot Rural Municipality in Gorkha and a junior technical assistant (JTA). The programs included both theoretical and practical sessions. The trainee farmers made a plantation plan after the conclusion of the training programs.

On 1st and 3rd September 2017, GNI Nepal provided 7500 saplings to Bhawani Agro- Cooperative Ltd., Arughat Rural Municapality, Manbu and Pungkang Agro-Cooperative Ltd., Arughat-Darche Rural Municapality, Lapu. Additional 1500 saplings were purchased by the farmers themselves. Each farmer has planted 120 saplings of Ram-Sahi Variety in their farmland. In total, 75 farmers have planted 9000 cardamom saplings in 0.64 hectares of land.

These cardamom plants will start to bear fruits in 3-5 years. Each plant produces around three kilograms of dried pods and they sell at around NRs. 1000 in the local market.


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