Partnership and Network Building

"GNI promotes active and meaningful participation of locals in community development. It builds their capacity and makes them capable of taking ownership of community development."

For GNI Nepal meaningful coordination with stakeholders: general public, the government, public service institutions, development partners, local NGOs, and private sector, is paramount for effective implementation of its programs/projects, bridging gaps, building synergy, and preventing duplication.

We also promote meaningful participation of community members in the development of their own communities. We always concentrate our efforts on building the capacity of local people–to empower them so that they take ownership of the development of their community. Through community partnership, we bring people together and support them to identify problems and needs of their community; enhance their knowledge, skills, confidence, capacity to seek solutions; and build inclusive decision-making mechanisms.

GNI Nepal supported events encourage locals to gradually take action to address existing inequalities in power and participation, deal with the issues plaguing their community, improve coordination with their local government, and promote involvement of all in community development. Locals become capable of managing their responsibilities, mobilizing local resources, practicing participatory decision making, coordinating with all stakeholders, and concerned government agencies.

Over the years, GNI Nepal has also focused and will continue to focus its efforts on strengthening good governance of local partner organizations by providing technical assistance and building capacity for making them self-sustaining.

We also believe in good coordination and partnership with concerned ministries of Nepal and different line agencies working on same thematic areas is the only way for ensuring impact and sustainability of development programs in Nepal.

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