Rising Karnali

The Himalayan districts of Humla and Mugu are considered one of the most remote and impoverished regions of Nepal. Despite their remoteness and poverty, they have a very unique, rich, and well-preserved culture and are endowed with breathtaking natural beauty – making them a traveler’s perfect dream destinations. The terrain is rugged. The foot trails are treacherous. It takes more than a day to traverse the even the smallest Village Development Committee (VDC).

The documentary crew walked all the way from Simkot (district headquarter of Humla) to Gamghadi (district headquarter of Mugu) on trails running along the mighty Karnali, the longest river in Nepal and under stupendous cliffs towering above. Shot in sixteen days in various settlements, this short documentary takes you to the land of boundless vistas, pristine rivers, mountain settlements and unexplored beauty. You also encounter stone-houses, traditionally clad Thakuri Women, mule trains and goatherds taking their flocks to the pastures.

Good Neighbors International (GNI) Nepal has been working to alleviate poverty in nineteen VDCs of these two districts in Karnali. In a duration of fifteen minutes, ‘Rising Karnali’ acquaints you with GNI Nepal’s income generation and promotion efforts for poverty alleviation such as cooperative development, operations of herbal essential oil processing center, livelihood support program, etc.

GNI Nepal would like to thank Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) for funding the production of this documentary and partner organizations and support staff for their tireless contribution.

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