Bad Times, Good Times

Scarcity of drinking water has been a long-standing problem among the sixty households in Badikhel, Godawari Municipality.  In the past, they would collect water from the nearest natural springs, ponds for domestic purposes. Around two and half a decade ago, tap-stands were built, one each for every household in the community.

Over time, the system also suffered dilapidation and stopped carrying water to homes.

In summer, lining up for collecting water became the norm. Even for a pitcherful, you had to wait for hours. Sometimes, women, men, and girls would spend two-three hours in the middle of the night, losing a good night’s sleep and wasting time.

Families had to devote their labor and time to collect a small amount of water disrupting other domestic and agricultural activities. Animal husbandry, vegetable cultivation, and sanitation and hygiene took a backseat in the community as even getting water minimum domestic use also became almost impossible.

Thulokhola Drinking Water and Sanitation User Committee has been overseeing the water supply and sanitation of entire community of sixty households. The committee tried to solve minor issues and fix the system seeking assistance from local and national level organizations, however, they could not do it.

Having understood that lack of potable water is a great public health concern it initiated the improvement of the water supply system and with the help of GNI Nepal lent financial and technical assistance for constructing a water storage tank having a capacity of 20,000 liters. The Committee members were also trained on water quality testing.

Now, the residents of this small settlement have an adequate supply of drinking water. Water shortage which they faced for a long time is a story now and sanitation has also improved. Thul Bahadur Pahari, the board member of Thulokhola WSUC, expressed, “we had almost forgotten that having piped water available in our front-yards is possible. We were surviving with limited water supply even for household purposes but now we have sufficient water even for irrigation and rearing domestic animals.”


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