Current Projects

Integrated Community Development Project

Location Darchula, Bajura, Doti, Kailali, Mugu, Humla, Bardiya, Myagdi, Parbat, Kaski, Gorkha, Nuwakot, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Mahottari, Dhanusha Districts
19 municipalities and 30 rural municipalities
Duration 5 Years (2022-2026)
Budget USD 20,848,927
Beneficiaries Children, their families, disadvantaged and marginalized communities, people from remote areas, community based organizations
Funding Source GN South Korea
Goal To improve well-being of children, their families and communities
  • Children are protected and enjoyed right to education
  • People exercise essential healthcare service and facilities
  • People achieve economic empowerment

Inclusive Rural Development Project (Locally Initiated Projects)

Location Bardaghat Susta East, Nawalparai and Bardghat Susta West Nawalparasi Districts
2 municipalities and 4 rural municipalities
Duration 2019-2022
Budget USD 2,989,285
Beneficiaries 10,983 households
Funding Source Korean International Co-operation Agency (KOICA)
Goal To increase household income through the promotion of commercial agriculture, livestock and economic infrastructure development as well as youth and women employment
  • Capacity development and technology support to farmers for increasing production
  • Institutionalization and Mobilization of the farmers, groups/Cooperatives for production and market system strengthening
  • Establishment of economic infrastructures for supporting in agricultures sector
  • Provide vocational training to youth and women for creating employment
  • Establish of micro enterprises

Health Right Improvement Project

Location Bajura District
3 municipalities and 2 rural municipalities
Duration 3 Years (2020-2022)
Budget USD 1,560,966

Direct: 5,578 adolescent girls (6-12 grade)
Indirect: 30,382 fertile women (age 15-49) and 5,131 adolescent boys

Partner PeaceWin Bajura and Karnali Integrated Rural Development And Research Centre (KIRDARC), Nepal
Funding Source Korean International Co-operation Agency (KOICA)
Goal Improving the health rights of adolescents’ girls through menstrual health and hygiene friendly environment
  • Prepared local health facilities and communities respond to Covid -19
  • Improved access of MHM services and facilities
  • Enhanced MHM knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) among adolescent girls
  • Decreased menstruation related discrimination

Smart Classroom Initiative Project

Location Kailali District
Bagdola Basic School
Duration 3 Years (2020-2023)
Budget  USD 12,930
Beneficiaries Students, teachers, school management committee/parents teachers association and parents
Partner Sustainable Enterprise And Environment Development Working Awareness Center Nepal
Funding Source Acronis Cyber Foundation
Goal To improve quality of education by integrating ICT in Education
  • To provide computing and experimenting facilities in the school
  • To promote technology based, practical and creative activities in the schools

Maternal and Child Health Care Project

Location Mugu District
1 rural municipality
Duration 3 Years (2022-2024)
Budget USD 1,185,000
Beneficiaries 9,360 households, 10 health post and 1 hospital
Partner Karnali Integrated Rural Development And Research Centre (KIRDARC), Nepal
Funding Source Korean International Co-operation Agency (KOICA)
Goal To improve maternal and neonatal mortality in Mugu district
  • To improve MNCH behavior among community members
  • To improve access to maternal and child health services
  • To improve quality of maternal and child health services

Enhancing Cholera Control in Nepal

Location Kathmandu and Kailali Districts
10 municipalities
Duration 2 Years (2022-2023)
Budget USD 359,442
Beneficiaries Seti Provincial Hospital and community members
Partner Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) and Forum for Awareness and Youth Activity, Nepal (FAYA)
Funding Source International Vaccine Institute
Goal To enhance Nepal’s capacity to detect, respond and prevent outbreaks of cholera
  • To prevent cholera in Kathmandu valley and in Kailali District
  • To limit outbreaks and prevention of cholera cases through strengthened Rapid Response capacity in Nepal

Income Generation Project of Goat farming Cooperatives by Improving Environment and Distribution System in Bajura District, Nepal

Location Bajura District
1 rural municipality
Duration July 2021- December 2022
Budget USD 63,200
Beneficiaries Direct 450 households
Partner Generating Income Foster to Transformation Nepal (GIFT Nepal)
Funding Source GNGIF
Goal Increased income of farmers by strengthening goat value chain
  • Commercialization of goat farming by improving skills, breeds, feed and housing management
  • Establish and strengthening collective marketing system

Water and Sanitation for Health Facility Improvement Tool

Location Parbat District
1 rural municipality
Duration 1 Years (2022)
Budget USD 61,150
Beneficiaries Direct: 8 Health Posts and Indirect: 12,000 OPD visitors (6,400 Female and 5,600 Male)
Partner Nawa Chetana Community Development Centre – Nepal
Funding Source Global Challenge Fund, UK
Goal To improve the health of the communities through WASH status improvement at health facilities in Modi Rural Municipality, Parbat District
  • Improved access to WASH services at health facilities
  • Improved hygiene practices at health facilities
  • Improved WASH practices in communities

Access to Learning for Disable Children Project

Location Dhanusha and Mahottari Districts
2 municipalities and 1 rural municipality
Duration 1 Year (Jan-Dec 2022)
Budget USD 57,284
Beneficiaries 145 students, 44 school, 80 teacher and 5000 others
Partner AASAMAN Nepal and Dalit Society Welfare Committee Nepal (DSWCN)
Funding Source Global Challenge Fund, UK
Goal Children with disabilities have access to formal education
  • To increase access to disabled-friendly learning environment at schools
  • To enhance capacity of institutions and individuals to promote disabled-friendly environment

Promoting Climate Field School for Resilient Agriculture Project

Location Lalitpur District
1 municipality and 1 rural municipality
Duration 1 Years (2022)
Budget USD 56,076
Beneficiaries Direct: 300 households and indirect : 1700 households
Partner Lele Community Development Center
Funding Source GN Global Partnership Center
Goal To transfer climate-resilient agricultural technologies through Climate Field School
  • To capacitate smallholder farmers on adaptation and mitigation of climate change in local agriculture

Strengthening Pre-Conditions For Menstrual Health And Hygiene

Location Lalitpur Distict
Duration 6 months (May- October 2022)
Budget USD 10,600
Beneficiaries Direct: 310 adolescent girls and Indirect: 954 Boys, 12 teachers, 18 traditional healers, 6 SMC members
Partner Lele Community Development Center
Funding Source Amore Pacific
Goal To enable schools to create a safe, sanitary, and comfortable environment for menstrual hygiene management
  • To improve the accessibility of WASH services
  • To enhance knowledge of MHM in schools
  • To increase communities’ awareness of MHM

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