Cooperative Empowers Women

Saemual Zero Hunger Community Project (SZHCP) was started in Ladagada VDC, Doti in 2011. The project planned to establish a cooperative which would be led by women group of Ladagada. Discussion with the community revealed that a Laxmi Women Multipurpose Cooperative had already been formed in 2008. However, it was not properly operated and the loans were not refunded. Initially, there were 250 members. Hence, the project initiated to reactivate it and build coordination with division cooperative office, Doti in 2013. SZHCP provided various trainings, such as business plan preparation, leadership, saving credit mobilization, book-keeping to the cooperative members. As a result, the situation of the cooperative improved gradually.

Nowadays, Laxmi cooperative is earning NRs. 50,000 per month and loan is being properly mobilized. Around 82% members have taken out loans and invested in productive works such as; vegetable, ginger, turmeric production; livestock (cows and goat) rearing and agriculture. This cooperative is becoming stronger day by day by building trust in the community, sharing wider respon sibility, transferring ownership, improving governance and gaining social recognition. For creating better management, SZHCP has been regularly providing different supports. For example, human resources, assets and trainings that will take the cooperative to a higher level of service delivery.  This cooperative also helped to uplift the socio-economic condition of women and livelihood of the people in Ladagada VDC.

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