From Brain Tumor to Treatment

Nisha BK (seven years), a GNI Nepal sponsored child, is a resident of Myagdi District.  She is studying in class three at Shree Ramche Primary School. She lives with her parents and siblings.  Her elder sisters are married. Nisha’s elder brothers work in India as manual laborers.

Her father works the small plot of land which the family owns, and the mother takes care of the household. Their only domestic animals are a buffalo and a she-goat. The family doesn’t have enough fertile land for producing food grains to sustain them for a year. Having two square meals a day is not possible for them due to their poor economic condition.

One day she experienced headache and multiple seizures, so her parents took her to the local health post. As the cause could not be determined there, she was referred to the district hospital in Beni. The district hospital referred her to Manipal Hospital, Pokhara.

She was admitted to Manipal Hospital and stayed there for a few days. Based on the diagnosis, she was referred to BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, Bharatpur. Medical tests showed that she had developed a life threatening brain tumor which was to be removed immediately.

The family requested GNI Nepal for help along with a written application. A project management committee (PMC) meeting was held for discussing her critical condition. GNI Nepal provided financial support to the family taking the severity of the illness and family’s economic condition into consideration. GNI Nepal covered all of the medical expenses- NRs. 50,000 in total. The tumor was removed surgically and at present her condition is normal.

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