Hard Cash for Hard Work

Harka Devi Rawat, 40

Ward No. 7, Chawala, Gaihragaun Rural Municipality,

Doti District

Harka Devi’s family consists of six members (husband, two daughters, and two sons). Ten years ago, her husband went to India in search of work that could support his family. But he could not earn enough for the family. So, in order to make ends meet, either Harka Devi had to find work in a nearby village or make do with the meagre income of her husband. With the prices of food items going up every year, she struggled more. The small parcel of land she owned did not produce enough to feed the family. There were times when she went around looking for food and work in neighboring villages.

One year ago, when Rawat learned about SZHCP. She found work at ‘Silakhet Irrigation
Project and ‘Sajhghat to Gaihragaun Ward Road Project’ which operated under the cash-for-assets scheme.

Rawat received NRs. 54,780 as payment for 141 days of work. She spent her hard earned money on her children’s education, nutritious food, clothes, and health care services.

Harka Devi plans to spend the remaining amount to pay off loan borrowed from local vendors and purchase groceries. She shares, “If only I could work for such projects in the coming days, I could support my family and never have to live in extreme poverty.”

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