Light at the End of Tunnel

Devi Maya Shrestha, 34

Letang Municipality, Ward No. 2

Morang District

In 2004, Devi Maya’s husband, an army man passed away while on duty. Five years later misfortune struck again. Her father and father-in-law passed away the same year. She was devastated emotionally and financially, which led her to desperation, and eventually depression. Without a regular income, she could not send her two sons to school. She borrowed money at high interest rates.

Devi lived a miserable life until March 2017. In that fateful month, she got an opportunity to train on entrepreneurship development and cattle rearing with GNI Nepal’s support. She applied for funds to purchase buffaloes at a GNI Nepal supported cooperative and was provided with NRs. 40,000 revolving fund. Later in 2017, she started a dairy farm.

Ms. Shrestha now earns NRs. 18,000 per month and has already paid back the loan she had taken out from the cooperative. She is able to support her children’s education and saves NRs. 3,000 every month at the cooperative. Sometimes she looks back at her past and wonders how life can change: those days of penury, and these days of prosperity and mental peace.

Utilizing credit services from the same cooperative Devi Maya plans to add two more buffaloes. She says, “Since my sons are growing up fast, I need to make enough money to give them a good life”, which she will achieve sooner than later, given her determination.

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