About us

Good Neighbors International (GNI) is an international development and humanitarian organization that responds to the call of the neglected, vulnerable, and marginalized beyond the barriers of race, nationality, religion, ideology, and geography.

GNI empowers people in 46 countries across the world through social development activities and places particular emphasis on economic development in order to break the vicious cycle of poverty that people in developing countries suffer from. Established in 1991 in Seoul, South Korea, GNI has fundraising offices in Chile, Mexico, USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and an International Cooperation Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

In Nepal, GNI has been working since 2002 for improving the lives of poor people, especially children through child protection, education, income generation, health services, water, sanitation and hygiene, disaster risk reduction/climate change adaptation, gender and environment programs. Currently, GNI Nepal serves marginalized, vulnerable, and poor children, families, and communities in 20 districts across Nepal.


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